How can I help YOU to unlock your infinite creative potential?

Do you know that 10% of the waste in the landfill is made up of textiles and garments?

It is both important and urgent that we view textiles as a re-usable resource rather than viewing it as something you use a few times and then throw away. The planet is depending on us!

And I am here to make it FUN for you!


If you are a beginner then I recommend you start with this online course...

Are you looking for the secret to living a longer, healthier life?

Mending can help you to do this.

"How can mending help you me live longer?" I hear you ask in disbelief. And I don't blame you. It does sound a little far fetched. And I am convinced that many of the beneficial effects of mending are overlooked. Come on a journey with me and let me show you how to improve your quality of life and the quality of the relationships you have with your loved ones through mending.

Getting to the root of the challenge!

When behavior changes language changes.

So if we start by changing the language that we use around up-cycled textiles we can begin to shift the mindset on a deep level. If you want to up your textile up-cycling game, click on the button below.

THANK YOU for caring about the planet enough to reduce your textile footprint!