Please would you dye my faded denims/wedding dress/couch cover for me?

This is not a service that we offer. Ask your local dry cleaner if they have somebody they work with in your area.

We sell craft kits.

I want to buy a tie dyed T-shirt?

This is not a service that we offer. We sell DIY kits so that you can make your own. Many of our customers are making garments for sale and you can view their work at this link...

How much dye will I need to dye my...?

How much fabric can I dye with a Slipstream Box Kit?

I would like to attend a workshop to learn more about the product and how to get results that do not bleed in the wash. Where will I find them?

All of the information is available online. You can sign up for this course any time of the day or night from the comfort of your own home, with automated payment through PayPal at this link...