How can I help YOU to unlock your infinite creative potential?

Would YOU like to transform your fabrics with printed patterns?

It is easier than you think!

Are you a beginner who is intimidated by what you have read online?

I can explain an easy process to you step-by-step to get you to great results straight away.

Are you on a tight budget?

I can teach you really easy methods using really cheap resources.

Do you aspire to screen print "one day when" you have the money and the equipment?

Why wait when you can start printing your own fabrics today using easy, direct methods!

Because I taught into skills development centers and fashion colleges for many years, I came up with a bunch of ideas for printing on a tight budget that I can share with you. My students always get so excited when they realize they can create any design they want.

My most popular online courses by far are Printing With Found Objects and Lino Printing For Beginners and I have received really positive feedback about both from my students. Click on the purple buttons below to navigate to the specific courses.

This video explains what you can expect to learn from this online course.

This video explains what you can expect to learn from this online course...

Sign up today and this could be YOU showing off your printed silk scarf!

Sign up today and unlock your infinite creative potential!

If you want high quality notes to go with these online workshops, you might enjoy a copy of my book, 50 Silk Scarves.

* Please note this is the same book. It was released in different countries with different covers. The contents of these books is the same.