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Thread Bare

I started a podcast to talk in a frank way about my experiences in the textile industries since 1993. The show is made up of answers to questions that people in my network send in. You can listen at this link...


You can also leave a voice message there for me with your question if you would like me to include it in the next show.

Topics that I have included so far include...

  • the Up-Cycled Cloth Collective
  • copyright
  • product pricing
  • productivity and time management
  • running a small textile business
  • interviews with members of the Up-Cycled Cloth Collective on Facebook who are making products to sell using up-cycled textiles


Facebook Group

Because we understand that many of the people who listen to the podcast might have a lot in common and might want to talk to each other, we have started a Facebook Group to support the conversation at this link...