Online Courses

There are a number of different ways of learning from me online that you can choose from.

While it is very convenient to pop in and cherry pick the course that you want when you want it, many of my students want some structure to their learning experience.

I have created an online school that you can subscribe to from as little as $1USD a month. You receive daily tutorials and information from me for your investment. Your subscription is automated through PayPal.

For a higher investment, you receive more benefits like discounts on courses and free give-away's. The more you invest, the more you learn. The content is interactive and YOU decide how much of it you want. Click through to this link if you would like to sign up to my online school...


Here is the link where you can find all of the courses... 

Do you know what you should be charging for your handmade products? Would you like to work it out once and for all in a way that you can understand?

This online guided process will lead you through the steps of working out what you need to earn to make ends meet at month end. As soon as you begin to implement what you have learned, you will begin to make more money.

Click through to the link below to sign up... 

Master YOUR Rainbow! 

Would you like to learn how to mix and blend your own colours for dyeing fabrics?

Would you like to learn how to Dip Dye your fabrics?

Dip Dye trends on the catwalks year after year. Learn how to apply this chic finish to your fabrics. Click through to the link below to sign up for the online course... 

There is a wide selection of courses on a wide range of topics to answer your specific questions.