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My students are blown away when they see what they make during their first workshop with me. The words that we hear during the big reveal are "Oh WOW!"

Have you tried making tie dye before only your results were pale and they faded out with washing?

I can teach you how to achieve results that are bright and lasting!

Have you tried making tie dye before only the results bled all over your washing?

Avoid the pink socks and underpants, start with the right information and avoid the color bleed.

Have you searched the internet for information about dyeing fabrics only you found it very confusing and even contradictory?

Learn from a trusted source with twenty eight years of experience.

I started dyeing garments to sell at markets in 1993 and during this time I perfected my methods so my garments did not run or fade when my customers bought them. Later I went on to dye bespoke fabrics for the South African fashion industry where quality was my focus. 

I can share all of this experience with you so you can get great results right from the start. I am available to answer your questions by e-mail and on Facebook in the supporting groups that I have set up there for my students. Get the answers to your specific questions as you experiment with what you learn in the online courses.

You can take as long as you need to to work through the information and I am there to support you all the way with answers to your questions when you experiment with what you have learned.

Here are some of the courses about dyeing fabrics that I think you will enjoy the most. Click on the purple buttons to read more about these specific courses and sign up.

Dip dyeing in detail

Dip dyeing is a chic finish that we see on the catwalk and in the bridal market season after season. This online course explores different ways of applying a bleed of color to the edge of your fabric along with the benefits and drawbacks of each method so you can decide which one is best suited to your personal purposes.

“The Dip-Dyeing course is brilliant, well-written, easy-to-follow. Instructions and the supporting visual aids are perfect. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to explore these wonderful techniques.” Lynne Bishop.

Dyeing different kinds of fabric

Have you ever wondered how results will vary from one fabric to another when you dye them? This online course shares a selection of fabrics that are suitable for dyeing and how you can expect the to behave, so that you do not waste time and money working on fabrics that are not suitable for the process.

"Your tips and advice are always useful. I have learned a lot from you. Thank you!!" Barbara Shaffer

Would you like to re-dye your faded denims or your stained couch cover?

This is the online course for you!

Dyeing fabric in a pot on the stove

It is really useful to know how to dye fabrics and garments in a pot on the stove. This method can be used to restore vibrancy to colors that have faded and change colors that have become dated and dull. This is the simplest and most reliable way of re-dyeing faded denims or couch covers that are stained.


Dyeing fabric in your washing machine

If you would like to learn how to dye garments in your washing machine then this online course will talk you though the process step-by-step. This is a great way to upgrade items that are faded so they look like new again. It is also possible to give old items a new life with a fresh coat of color. If you want the convenience of doing it in your washing machine, then this online course will help you to achieve great results. Click through and sign up here...

Fabric paint or fabric dye...which to use and why?

Have you ever wondered whether you should use fabric paint for a project or fabric dye? This online course explains the differences between these tow products and the specific applications that you should use them for. When you know you are using the right product in the right way for the right purpose, you have a better chance of achieving great results. Fabric is expensive to replace if you get it wrong and this online course can save you frustration, time and money. If you would like to sign up you will find it here...

“Excellent content.” Jackie Radford

Are you looking for fabric dye?

Are you looking for fabric paint?


How to make rainbow tie dye with a group of children

This online course will help you to delight the kids that you teach with rainbows and Wow Moments that they will remember forever. This activity works really well at events like birthday parties and school sports days. You can sign up for this course at this link...

Works just as well with adult children!

"I had fun with my sister, as it was all clearly explained, including the pictures to better understand every step... great way to start dying!" Lucie Trottier 

“The kids were overjoyed when they opened up their shirts and found the different patterns and colours!” Charlotte Manzie 

“The party went great thank you. The T-shirts turned out great and I often see them wearing them.” Sam Sharples

Mix Your Own Color Recipes

Would a color recipe chart be useful in your world?

This online course will teach you how to create your own color recipe chart using the fabrics and dyes that are available to you where you live. It is so useful to have a recipe chart to cross reference when you need a specific color in a hurry. Sign up today and take control of your rainbow!


The basics of making tie dye using reactive dyes

This online course will help you to understand some of the basics of making tie dye using reactive dyes. If you want to dye your own T-shirts, dresses and bed linen, this course will get you started. It includes a selection of binding methods for creating different patterns as well as important information about how the chemistry works that will help you to get results that are bright and lasting, wash after wash. You can read more about this course and sign up at this link...

“Just to let you know that I had my Wow moment yesterday! Many thanks for my new colourful days !” Margaret Kohn, Artist.

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If you would like high quality notes to go with your workshop, you might enjoy adding a copy of my book, Contemporary Dyecraft.