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Answering Your Specific Questions 

Many of you contact me on messenger and whatsapp with your detailed and specific questions that you would like me to answer for you. Currently there are so many of these requests that I simply cannot answer all of them AND run a financially sustainable business.

I also know how frightening it can be when you are working with new products and techniques that you barely understand, so I have created a wide range of training tools to answer your specific questions.

I have published two full colour glossy books with Metz Press with 100 full colour photographic tutorials between the two books. Contemporary Dyecraft and 50 Silk Scarves embody my workshop content in a slick visual package and you can order them online from Amazon.

I have made two DVD's. The Dyecraft DVD explains in detail how the dye works, what fabrics are best to work on, different ways of heating the dye and the reasons why you should heat it, different binding techniques for different tie dye patterns and a whole lot more. The kids DVD is a concise methodology for doing tie dye with a group of kids.

Every time you guys ask me a question that is not answered by one of the above resources, I try to answer it with a concise eBook with detailed answers. For R220 I solve your challenge. There are currently more than twenty eBooks in the collection that answer a number of questions about dyeing and printing fabric, working with kids, and starting and running a small business.

For those of you who are looking for a workshop experience, I have designed online courses that you can work through in your own home, in your own time. Click through to the link below to view the selection that you can choose from...

All of these resources are available on easy payment terms of 2, 3 or 6 months.

You will find most of the answers to your most obvious questions in these resources.


The Value Proposition

What Value do YOU get from my training tools?

They save you Time
They save you Money
They empower YOU to make more money for the rest of of your life.

Many of the answers that I supply in my eBooks are available for free and gratis from the university of Google. And too much information can be confusing. Many of my students do the reading on Google and still come back to me with a string of questions.

My training tools take you directly to the best answers that I could formulate for you, based on more than two decades of making experience.

The information in the eBooks saves you money because it takes you to direct answers. In the early 1990's I manufactured tie dyed clothing for flea markets. There was no Google to consult back then and I learned from massive experimentation. Many of my experiments did not work and I had a bargain bin where I sold off these flops at cost to recoup my financial losses.

Garments are expensive to work on and I shorten your costly learning curve considerably with the extra information that you get from my training tools.

If you implement the things that you learn from me in your business, you will make more money for the rest of your life.

Marle Coetsee is printing products that she sells using lino techniques that she learned from me almost a decade ago. Every garment that she sells with a lino print on, has a spark of my energy at its roots. She made a once-off payment for a workshop that has added value to her business for years after as she prints small runs of items in-house and on-demand, on a shoestring budget.

Dozens of my students are selling tie dyed products at markets. They attended one workshop for a once-off payment and are now making a living from selling tie dyed items.

Still more school teachers and people who work with kids are able to expand their businesses using my ideas and convenient pre-packed kits.

My Costing & Pricing course is guaranteed to make you more money as soon as you implement what you have learned.

ANY training tool that you purchase from me holds the promise of INFINITE value and is worth EVERY cent that you pay for it.